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Camp & caravan sites

Redivac's vacuum sewerage system is ideal for use on camping and caravan sites due to the speed of installation with a minimum of disruption. Installation can be restricted to the quieter winter season so as not to interfere with high season trade. The Redivac system can be designed to manage varying flow rates throughout the high and low seasons avoiding the normal maintenance issues associated with a traditional gravity system.


The vacuum sewerage system is adaptable and can easily be connected to existing gravity systems and can easily be expanded as the camp site grows. The system will also collect from individual static caravans, toilet blocks, touring caravan emptying facilities and laundries. This is easily achieved using shallow laid small bore polyethylene pipe, negating the need for deep and expensive collector pipes, particularly in a rocky environment.


Other advantages of the system include having the flexibility to locate the vacuum station almost anywhere on the site and having the collection points located throughout the site without the need for electrical power.