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Factory sewerage

The inherent flexibility of the Redivac system allows sewers to be laid above ground level between buildings, enables underground obstacles to be bypassed and avoids the need to excavate existing concrete flooring which would be expensive. The Redivac system can easily be connected to existing gravity systems and can usually be extended to manage future expansion and development of the factory site.


The versatility of vacuum sewerage technology allows vacuum stations to be positioned almost anywhere on the site and it may even be possible to utilise existing plant rooms or other available buildings.  The flexible characteristics of the small bore polyethylene pipe used in the Redivac system allows the pipe network to be constructed at shallow ground depths, without the need for large and sometimes deep collector pipes. Redivac vacuum systems are sealed and pneumatically controlled so that there is no air leakage which eliminates any risk of ex-filtration. Collection points can be located throughout the site without the need for connections to an electrical power source.


Due to the speed of installation and minimal disruption to the factory site, Redivac vacuum sewerage technology is the ideal choice.