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New housing developments

As the demand for more housing continues, developers are now having to turn to less suitable land with poor ground conditions.  In areas of low population, unfavorable subsoil, a high water table, reclaimed or capped sites, traditional sewerage systems based on gravity are too difficult or prohibitively expensive options.


In these difficult areas Redivac's vacuum sewerage system can be the most economical and reliable solution for the collection of waste water.  Using a sealed vacuum system, the entire network of Redivac's pipes can be laid in shallow trenches, typically 1 metre below ground level avoiding the need for specialist excavation equipment. This results in a substantial reduction in new build sewerage system construction costs compared to a traditional gravity system.


Redivac's vacuum sewerage system is extremely adaptable and flexible, allowing for phased development enabling capital expenditure to be easily controlled.  The vacuum station can be positioned almost anywhere on site and future developments are easily connected without the need for expensive lift stations or large trunk sewers.


All Redivac systems offer low maintenance and are extremely reliable.  Redivac offers a full technical back up service and on site training of your engineers.