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River, lake & coastal communities

A Redivac vacuum sewerage system can often provide the ideal solution when the sewage system needs to extend across a watercourse or railway. By using vacuum technology it is possible to suspend the sewer pipes from the underside of bridge superstructures eliminating the need for the deep trenches necessary for traditional gravity systems.  It is possible to design the pipework layout to make this lift which would not be possible with a traditional gravity system.


Many river, lake and coastal communities currently relying on septic tanks for disposal of sewerage are now looking to introduce a mains sewerage system.  By specifying a vacuum sewerage system, they are able to eliminate the risk of environmental contamination and pollution of the surrounding watercourses which is a constant threat  when using inefficient or dysfunctional septic tanks. When comparing the installation cost of a Redivac vacuum sewerage system and a traditional gravity system in these communities, the vacuum system is often found to be the most suitable. Not only are there cost savings associated with installation, but the use of vacuum technology can often lead to a reduction in the number of pumping stations required.


The neighbouring French villages of Foucheres and Chappes have both benefited from the installation of Redivac sewerage systems. Confronted with poor ground conditions, challenging topography and the need to cross the river Seiner, the versatile system offered by Redivac proved to be the ideal choice. The systems offered substantial savings in cost and enabled the installation to be carried out in a quick and efficient manner.