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Rural community main sewage

A Redivac vacuum system offers a number of advantages when installed in rural communities:-


Vacuum sewerage technology uses shallow, narrow trenches which can be easily excavated, helping to speed up the construction of the project.


The adaptability of the small bore polyethylene piping allows construction of a pipe network reaching all areas of the site without the need for large and sometimes deep collector pipes.  The vacuum system can be integrated with existing gravity systems and septic tanks and can be designed to accommodate future phases of expansion to the site.


The location of the vacuum station is not critical within the site, which enables it to be positioned on an area of land which may not be suitable for domestic development.  Collection chambers throughout the site do not need electrical power keeping installation and operating costs to a minimum.


Redivac vacuum systems are sealed and self contained, thus eliminating the risk of contamination to the ground resulting in an environmentally sound solution.


The picturesque village of Gorefield, Cambridgeshire is one example of a rural community scheme. Construction was completed with very little inconvenience to the residents and minimum disruption to local road traffic and businesses.


The finished rural sewer system has greatly reduced any potential impact on the environment which could have resulted from the continuing use of septic tanks.