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Vacuum Pipework

The pipework is constructed in a saw tooth profile from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) jointed using electro-fusion welded couplings and is of a diameter of between 90mm to 315mm.


The sewage in the pipework initially travels at velocities of up to 6 metres per second as a foaming mixture of liquid and air. The velocity gradually reduces as the mixture moves along the sewer and the air eventually overtakes the liquid and continues onwards towards the vacuum station causing the sewerage to come to rest at low points within the saw tooth profile of the pipework, called invert lifts.


The sewage remains stationary until an interface valve opens again on the upstream side of the invert lift allowing air to enter the sewer network.  This sewage is then lifted from the low points and again transported onward towards the vacuum station.


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Interface Valve Chamber            Vacuum Station


Testimonial: TYL Perunding SDN BDH, Malaysia

We are please to confirm that Iseki Redivac Ltd have, with the assistance of their Malaysia Distributor, Envitech Sdn. Bhd supplied and commissioned their Interface Valves and other associated technologies to the Bandar Botanic development.


The Bandar Botanic site will eventually include the use of 1,500 Redivac Interface Valves which will be connected to eight Vacuum Collection Reservoirs and be capable of collecting the sewage from the more than 46,000 population equivalent that will eventually inhabit this development.


Iseki Redivac and Envitech started the installation of the first Vacuum Collection Reservoirs and Interface valve Chambers in 2003 and have to date (March 2006) installed and commissioned five of the Vacuum Collection Reservoirs and 650 of the Redivac Interface valves. This development is expected to be completed by 2010.


Our experience when working with Iseki Redivac and Envitech has been good and we are satisfied with the quality of equipment supplied and installed to date. Redivac have always provided a good level of technical support and their system has the flexibility to meet the various requirements of modern homes in Malaysia


Chua Yong Wah, Director