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The Vacuum Station

The vacuum station houses the vacuum pumps, collection vessel, sewage discharge pumps and the system control panel. 


The sewage travels through the vacuum sewer until it reaches the vacuum station where it is held in the collection vessel which acts as a temporary reservoir. The sewage level rises within this vessel to a pre determined level at which point it is pumped by the sewage discharge pumps to the sewage treatment works or nearby main sewer.


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Interface Valve Chamber       Vacuum Pipework      


Testimonial: Rapidan Service Authority

Rapidan Service Authority has over two thousand three inch Iseki interface valves in operation at the Lake of the Woods subdivision. The perfoprmance of the Iseki valve is dependable, reliable and has a consistently low maintenance history.


Iseki has been supporting Rapidan Service Authority with spare parts and other information for about ten years now and Iseki has always satisfied RSA with their service of spare parts etc.

Roy L Cottoms, Maintenance Superintendent