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Redivac Vacuum Sewer System Videos

These videos are designed to provide information in a graphical form. Click one one of the options at the left to see a video - ensure that your sound system is activated.


Introduction Video

This video gives viewers a general overview of how a typical vacuum sewerage system operates.


The Vacuum Way

This video features a number of vacuum sewerage systems and illustrates the benefits over conventional gravity systems.


Materials Handling

This video demonstrates how Redivac's vacuum sewerage systems handle a wide range of materials.  With sewerage travelling at up to 6 metres per second, solid objects are broken down by the vigorous action, preventing blockages and making the system self cleansing.

Testimonial: Kevcor Contracting, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
The Sandbridge Vacuum Sewer Project was our largest Project to date - a 5.2 million dollar scheme serving 317 homes.

Iseki was a large factor in the success of this Project supplying the Vacuum Valves as well as the Fiberglass Pits. Your Firm was involved with the job from the beginning, educating our field personnel in installation procedures as well as monitoring the installation and dealing with problems that arose during construction.

We found the Fiberglass Valve Pits were well designed and easy to install. We hope these Pits will set the standard for this area and will be used throughout Hampton Roads. I like to commend you and your Company for your performance on this project and would highly recommend your Company and its products to others.
Gregory G Span, President